How to Deal with Current Events in the Classroom

Photo Credit: Jon S Educators have a responsibility beyond the material in their selected textbooks—and the same rule applies to online tutors. The bottom line is, when the TV news  hurls a tumult of violence Read More

5 Apps to Improve Your Grades

Attention: smartphone owners. (Which is just about everyone.) Now you can study on your gadgets using these downloadable applications. The Maths Alarm Clock  When it comes to quality study time, you need disciplined self-control. To Read More

Learning Through Board Games

Students, and maybe even a few tutors, may scoff at the idea that learning is fun…but well, it is. (Hey, at least we didn’t say “school is cool.”) The bottom line is that, when students Read More

The 10 Commandments of Tutoring

Photo credit: John Taylor Each tutor comes with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but we’d like to think there are a few tenets that keep all of our online educators grouped under one Read More

How to Turn Passive Students into Active Learners

Photo credit: Monrovia Public Library Student engagement. That’s a buzzword that’s been around since the days of the one-room schoolhouse. Even our education has reached the online portal, student engagement still represents the threshold of a Read More

Summer School Tutoring

Summer school tutoring is a unique challenge for both students and online tutors. That challenge hits a boiling point when exhaustion from the previous school year meets with lowered expectations for a summer vacation. Long Read More

Tutoring in the Summer before College

Tutoring in the summer before college means that online tutors serve in an important role. Online tutors will help springboard incoming freshman into college life with academic tools, study skills, and critical thinking prowess that Read More

Should Standardized Testing Be Optional?

Standardized testing—it’s controversial to say the least. Students, teachers, parents, online tutors, administrators, and the entire academic community have an opinion of standardized testing. (We’d love to get your opinion on this, too!) Ever since Read More

All Ages Should Play to Learn

Should all ages play to learn? In other words, should education be fun, or should the focus remain on strict study? While there is always a time and place for serious study, standardized testing, and Read More

Tutoring Science High School Students

Especially if you live in a metropolitan area, you’re familiar with specialty high schools, wherein the focus centers on one particular area. Some high schools focus on science, while others concentrate on the arts. We’ve Read More

Tutoring High School Seniors

Tutoring high school seniors entails opening the door to the ivory tower. In fact, when you tutor 12th grade students, you’re doing more than helping them achieve higher test scores before college; you’re really preparing Read More

SHSAT: Where Do New York Students Want to Go?

SHSAT, aka the Specialized High School Admissions Test, is a big to-do for the parents of 8th and 9th graders living in New York City. From verbal reasoning and reading comprehension to algebra and statistics, Read More

Common Core: What Does It Mean for Students?

The Common Core has met with controversy in the form of teachers, students, and parents who stand in equal parts as advocates and opponents. As advocates for education, we took to our closed Facebook group Read More

Tutoring 4th Graders

When it comes to tutoring 4th graders, there’s not much advice out there. Most students, teachers, and parents place a focus on the 3rd grade as the foundation of learning and 5th grade as the Read More

English Composition Tutoring: Why Writing Studies Is Every Subject in One

English composition tutoring helps you ace those essays. Furthermore, English composition tutoring helps students bypass those hours and hours of revision—not to mention the stress of writing itself. You may have been in this situation: Read More

Online Tutoring: The Real Benefits

Online tutoring. Let’s just say that our professional tutoring team fields our fair share of questions about the benefits of an online education. When it comes to raising grades and gaining clarity in the classroom Read More

5 Test Study Hacks

When you’ve got that big exam rearing its ugly head, it always helps to have a few test study hacks to ensure you make a higher grade. Believe it or not, these test prep strategies Read More

Figure Out Why a Student’s Grades Dropped

Have you ever wondered why a student’s grades dropped seemingly out of the blue? Whether it’s lack of test prep, faulty study skills, or lackluster note-taking strategies, there are always reasons behind sudden academic decline. Read More

Tutoring Homeschoolers: What’s the Difference?

Tutoring homeschoolers is a completely different animal than working with public school kids. The thing is, many homeschool parents opt to enlist your tutoring services to compliment at-home lessons, so it’s best to get prepared. Read More

Tutoring Math to Younger Children

Tutoring math to younger children is trickier than you might imagine. If you’re working with someone as young as a 4th grader, their mind still functions by way of tangible scenarios. In other words, the Read More